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Although LDEI is a Sole Proprietorship, I heavily rely on the support of my primary family members who share in the Headlions dream and vision of Community Cultural Enlightenment #CommunityCulturalEnlightenment by providing low cost, good clean family fun Edu-tainment classes to anyone interested in trying new and challenging things. Our attention to community building is our way of making the world a better place!



Core Den Members are members who have shown unyeilding support for LDEI over the last few years we have been organizing and preparing to launch this hashtag #CommunityCulturalEnlightenment. Core Den Family Advisors assist with LDEI policy making decisions. Core Den Members also contribute heavily to the day to day operations of LDEI.

If you would like to become a contributing investor, please see our contact information at the bottom of this page. 

Tyehimba Kokayi-Head Lion

Lions Den Education Institute Founder- Drummer, Dancer, Choreographer

I am an experienced arts educator, professional theater performer, circus artist, and sports coach with forty years experience mentoring youth k-12th and families in inner urban areas. I have taught  theater arts including acting, clowning, juggling, stilt walking, jazz, tap, ballet, modern and West African Drumming/Dance, also various physical activities ranging from gymnastics to basketball, football and track.


We are launching #CommunityCulturalEnlightenment.


From an educators perspective, the authentic African story, if not the entire stories of the POC community has been omitted from the education system and replaced with many things that simply are not true. Therefore, by sharing and engaging in Community building Cultural offerings, we Enlighten those who participate, thus giving them the opportunity to learn and know these great joys for themselves.


I am a Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission 2006 Neighborhood Arts Grant Recipient, Listed in the Arts Education Resource Directory, partnered with Sacramento START and various school districts to produce performing arts programs which enlightened all.


Laura Cook-

I'm a "Den" member having worked as an educator and curriculum builder out of The University Of California Of Davis, with SAYS/ Sacramento Area Youth Speaks, for over a decade

Working in classrooms throughout the Sacramento area to raise literacy levels and a love of learning in our youth has been rewarding, while also allowing me to learn from our amazing youth. 

Everything i lay may hands to, i lay my heart to, my central focus rests in greater healing, self awareness and self care.

I am a spoken word artist, writer, advisor & consultant who saturates myself in the arts to stay fed.

LDEI's West African Dance has been a life force which fuels, furthering my intents of living and bringing life as SHE paths her way forward.

ImmoBme az.i.B.we...




Judah Jamison

King Drummer Lion

I'm in "da Den" and a Drummer who 

has been playing for almost 20 years and truly Love it! I have not played with every  West African group in town yet, but I will. I also own and operate Sonoma County Cosmic Canine for dog traing and boarding


King Tafari
King Drummer Lion
I'm in "da Den" and a Drummer who got my early training in Southern California. I am now here as a local artist and Drumming instructor in downtown Santa Rosa!

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Osayande Kokayi

King Lion- Drummer

I'm in "da Den" and feel honored and blessed to have this incremental piece of knowledge passed down from my parents and ancestors. It's value is indescribable. I am obligated to continue learning, and also to share these teachings with people. My goals are to use the Djembe' and Lions Den Education Institute as a platform to educate youth of "Our" Culture! I also teach Juggling, Stilt-walking, Improv and play almost every class. 

Nailah Kokayi

Queen Lioness-Treasurer

I'm in "da Den" and Substitute Dance Instructor. I look forward to meeting and sharing our culture with you all! I also teach Juggling, Stilt-walking, Improv and attend almost every class. Come on down, introduce yourself to me so I can get to know you! With my Dad as Headlion, and my brother as King, "I enjoy assisting family whenever I can!"



Jailah Spratling - Princess Lioness

Assistant Dance /Tumbling Instructor

I am in "da Den" and assistant of LDEI. I help my mom, Nailah Kokayi and Baba. I help with stuff like putting away the informative texts, hanging up the LDEI banner and if my mom does not want to do stretching I do it for her; I am just a big help in class and out. I love to be around family and friends.


Amayah Spratling - Princess Lioness

Assistant Dance /Tumbling/ Stilts Instructor

I am in "da Den", an assistant of LDEI, help my mom, Nailah Kokayi and Baba. I enjoy Everything about Stilts, flying my drone and dancing!

(Look Close, that's me dancing behind my mom, Nailah! *Queen Lioness)

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