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How do I pay for LDEI classes?
Right now we are affording you the freedom to pay by your choice of cash, check, Cashapp!

What should I wear for West African Dance class?

*Don't forget your lapah. What's a lapah you ask?
(simply put; a favorite fabric to dance in, wrapped around your waist)
*Don't forget your djembe, IF you have one (for drumming).

*Also, loose crotched pants (sweats or basketball shorts) to assist with the ease of Drumming and/or Dancing!
*Students with a valid student ID are 1/2 off
*Bring lots of water's important to stay hydrated
*Warm cover up layers for after class (we want you to take care of self: sweat and chill don't mix self-care means, bundle up after class.

We'll SEE You SOON!!!!


Are your classes enlightening?

As an educator it is simply a part of "Da Den" DNA to bring elements of enlightenment to our classes is a class after all.
You're gonna love it.


                West African Drum Class


*Kids are absolutely welcomed
this is a family affair... we encourage movement, drumming and enlightenment for our young as well... so much so, we allow children under 10yrs *FREE* with a paid adult
(However please keep in mind, there is NO childcare available... so you will have to maintain a diligent and watchful eye!

Are your teachers qualified?
Our "Den" teachers are well qualified to imbue their talents to all who attend! We have all studied and served our own and neighboring communities with a caring consistency "Da Den" has come to count on and celebrate with great appreciation.


Can we still join your classes after the term has started?

While a more consistent repetition of attendance can yield a fuller over all experience... we desire to remain open and fluid... so in short
Anyone can Drop-in Any Time! Please feel Welcomed.


Can anyone participate or just watch?

All of our classes are open to the public.
Anyone can come in and watch ...and even participate!
We will always encourage participation.
(even if modified movement is required)


What are your rates and fees?

LDEI rates are determined by a variety of factors but are consistent with the competitive industry standard for All of our classes!


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