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The Lion's Den Education Institute (LDEI), offers a fun and exciting way to feel good by exploring West African culture and circus arts with challenging hands on experiences by teaching Drumming and Dance, Juggling, Acrobatics, Stiltwalking, and Klowing; thus improving character, self expression, esteem, confidence, discipline, focus, and determination increasing respect for family values.    


LDEI offers a fully comprehensive Education Curriculum, as well as an Afterschool program that offers talented professional instruction in various circus arts skills including juggling, acrobatics, klowning, rope tricks, magic, balance board, wheel walking, stilt walking.


Success in school starts in the home with support of the family.  We here at LDEI base our entire pedocological strategy on inter-generational family support, which is consistent with our traditional West African family consciousness.


The respect in the hierarchical structure of many traditional West African groups is employed here.  The younger person always respects the elder even if they are only older by 1 day, 1 hour, 1 minute.  The elder therefore has the responsibility to do the correct thing because the younger person is counting on their guidance.


    We Are Looking For a New HOME

We are looking for a place to call home.

Our West African drum workshops were temporarily being held in Cotati CA.

We are actively seeking a space to offer our fun and exciting way to feel good, by exploring West African culture with challenging hands-on experiences drumming and dancing. 


We teach how to use the drum and dance to create an energy circle that makes spiritual connections with the ancestors, other drummers and dancers to promote feelings of unity, community, and harmony, which improves character, self expression, self esteem, self confidence, discipline, focus, and determination thus increasing respect for family values.


Items For Rent 

  • 7 Djembe drums 

  • 2 Dun nuns (bass drums)

  • Juggling Equipment 

  • Materials to Make Your Own Juggling Bean Bags

  • Set of Stilts

  • 2 Cow Bells

  • 2 Shakeres

  • 1 Ago-go Bell

  • 1 Balance Board

  • Male and Female Costumes