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The Lions Den Education Institute (LDEI) was established to provide communities opportunities to instill empowerment, self-determination and a sense of accomplishment to the children of the area. With these basic human attributes ingrained into the youth of our communities, enlightenment is assured for our future. 


Our mission here at the LDEI is to fill the education gap created by the mainstream.

Our vision is to see every child learn to appreciate their self-worth, resilience and power. 

Social emotional skills gained from our program are self-confidence, teamwork, and perseverance.

Success of the program will be measured in three ways; by the obvious joy in the children's minds and hearts and the culminating event produced, and an online anonymous survey students and parents can fill out to give feedback.

Historically school programs focused on academic content, here at LDEI, we understand children are multifaceted and deserve to have every aspect of their being served. Our program broadens children's horizons by teaching them…to keep going when its hard and that's when things pay off.


Our program develops character by having students work closely together, building an interdependence that shows working on the same goal moves all forward. Building much needed community awareness.
Goals Instill empowerment, self-determination and a sense of accomplishment to the children of the area to instill Self-confidence, Teamwork, Enlightenment for their future.


Get In Da Den!!!

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Mary Bates Earth Day 

(Head Lions Mom)

Sep 10th (1937)


Friday Night Traditional West African Hot Spot

Friday's 7-9pm

at Cotati Moves

6:45 Show Up/Hang Out

7:00 Drum Class

7:30 Dance Class


Zumba Series

Another one coming soon at Cotati Moves. Subscribe & stay tuned for more info on upcoming classes & workshops.



Upcoming Youtube Channel Children's Stories Series


Get In Da Den!!! 


Come Join Us to celebrate the Wonder and Beauty of West African Culture! Our Drum and Dance Master Tyehimba Kokayi

is honored to have studied under the tutelage of some of the Best Drummers and Dancers of our time...

Abdoulia Diakite and Alasane Kane

Stretching from Senegal, Mali, Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast and more!

His educational journey can now be your educational path to also explore.


         7:00pm - 9:00pm

           Cotati Moves

        7530 Commerce blvd

              Cotati CA 


Our very own Knat T Dread The Klown is available to lead you in the art of Juggling or help you better hone existing skills.

*Need Juggling bags for home practice? We got you there too... they're easy to make, and we can show you how.


Come Be Part of Our Community

LDE Institute is always looking to partner with like minded groups and  individuals as we move to preserve and share the rich beauty, heritage and positivity of the experiences of people of color...
We look forward to passing on the enlightenment shared by our ancestors, as we continue to contribute to building caring, healthy, inclusive communities today.


Science suggests that movement and exercise increase our bodies regulatory and immune systems; *in short they fight to keep us healthy.
Gather wit
h us, at our lovely local new space... and boost our bodies betterment, with great music, masterful moves, and plain ole good fun and laughter!

     Another series coming soon at Cotati Moves. Subscribe & stay tuned in for more info on upcoming classes & workshops. 


   7530 Commerce blvd

Cotati CA



Give your child the enriching opportunity to learn the fun filled, playful art and skill of circus acrobatics, in a safe and caring environment.

As soon as you can walk

you can join the fun!

 For All 

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